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You should not use a USB video adapter to play video games. It is recommended that you go directly to the video card manufacturer’s website to check for the latest drivers. What should I do? Select the appropriate folder for your operating system. Click and drag the monitor icons to best match your physical setup. I bought it from Amazon. Windows will typically save the files to the Downloads folder that is associated with your user account for example, C:

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While the purpose of vgaa USB Video Adapters are to add an additional video output to your laptop or desktop computer, these adapters still require some resources from your internal video card. Test each cable individually. To check to see if Windows is detecting the monitor using a computer that is running a version of Windows XP, do the following: Email Newsletter Signup Email me the latest products, deals, contests and promotions. It was easy to find this StarTech. Yes – 1 No – 0 Report. Increase startech usb 2.0 vga adapter by startech usb 2.0 vga adapter multiple applications on different VGA screens; check your email on one display while editing a document on the other. USB2VGA2 USB 2.0 to VGA Display Adapter

Please extract the files using the instructions in Step 2. All-in-One Computers Many all-in-one computer systems limit startedh number of possible monitors to one. When you troubleshoot issues with a USB video adapter, there are some quick tests that you can complete to rule out potential problems.


Right-click on the desktop and click Screen Resolution. If this has not resolved your issue, refer to the following FAQ: Once the installation has completed you will see your Windows desktop extended to the additional monitor. DisplayLink, a third party company that manufactures chipsets, is currently working on ways to ubs startech usb 2.0 vga adapter issue identified in the current macOS release.

Click the Pointer Options tab.

When the installation is complete, your Ubuntu desktop is extended to the additional monitor. Tell us what you think of this product. Un-check the box beside Extend my Windows desktop onto vg monitor.

USB Video Adapters |

Double-click the DisplayLink Installer Open the Control Panel. You may receive emails regarding this submission. The steps below outline how to adapted the USB root hub to stay on during hibernation, to prevent this from happening.

Windows XP Click the Start button. Your USB device is listed according to the name of the chipset.

Use a different video cable, video source, video destination, and USB video adapter in your setup to see if the problem persists. Why does one of my connected startech usb 2.0 vga adapter turn off when my Ueb video adapter is connected? Any emails will include the ability to opt-out of future communications.


Do not physically connect the USB video adapter to your computer until you are instructed to Step 5.

StarTech USB 2.0-VGA Adapter (USB2VGAE3)

Installation might take several seconds to complete. Your computer will automatically complete the driver installation and your device should be ready to use.

What is a USB video adapter, and how can I tell if it will work in my setup? Click the File tab. Why do I lose my additional monitor s when my computer wakes up from sleep mode in Windows? Check to see startech usb 2.0 vga adapter your video card drivers are current. Click Network and Internet. Terms Privacy Site Feedback.

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